12/12 – Musical journey through Belgium

What does Belgium sounds like? And can you make music with it? 12/12 sets out for a full year of musical adventure. Every month, Bruno Vansina, Cyrille Obermüller, Kobe Proesmans and Teun Verbruggen - 4 Belgian jazz musicians - take their instruments to a special and unexpected place. The challenge: playing together with the location, reflecting on its vibe, the season, the people present. Creating and reacting to the music that the place makes by its own nature. Does the place also respond to their music itself? Video artist Kris Verdonck travels and films every soundtrack on location. 12/12 each month releases a musical recording and a short film. By December 2018, this will yield a musical picture story in twelve short films. In 2019 12/12 will take the road on a concert tour through Belgium.

Brilliant Belgium is happy to support this musical journey through the sound of Belgium!

Belgium, The Arts, Music