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Thomas Stinglhamber Business Developer

Thomas, like that other famous Belgian - Tintin, is an intrepid adventurer at heart. Having lived in the Congo during his youth, and doing 4x4 expeditions through the tropical jungles with his dad, Thomas decided in adulthood to also move to the wilds of Brazil for seven years. Our Business Development director is passionate about classic cars and can often be found racing through the European countryside on weekends, in his open topped Austin Healey.

BEST PART OF YOUR JOB: Spending hours in a hidden blind spotting animals in the Ardennes forests and shaking hands in a business cocktail the next hour

Wiet Proesmans Co-Manager & Travel Designer

Nĭ hăo! After growing up in the lush greenness of the countryside around Gooik, just outside of Brussels, Wiet is drawn to countries with strong culture, good humour and vibrant music. Equally at home sipping a dark Cuban rum (straight up!) with a good cigar, on an old house porch in Havana, as he is elbow to elbow with other diners enjoying a fiery Korean kimchi seafood soup, Wiet co-manages Brilliant Ideas with pride and passion… and can speak Mandarin!

ONE THING THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BELGIUM: The pride and passion we take in our work, all fields, all levels

Sanae Mizushina Travel Designer / Operations

Sanae – a real polyglot and hands on - was born and raised in Chiba, Japan where she learned the beauty of traditions and nature.Fascinated by different cultures she decided to live in China to study the language and customs. In Beijing, she fell in love with her – now – Belgian husband.Sanae loves exploring new places, and has dug into the Benelux.  Researching and putting together extraordinary events, selecting the finest local food, discovering new beautiful places to create unforgettable memories is her all time passion.


Annemie Van de Craen MICE Specialist

Our MICE specialist, Annemie loves putting people together to produce remarkable results. In her 20 years of meetings and events management, working with over 600 organisations like J&J, IBM and DHL, she’s brought an extraordinary amount of individuals together, and is still fascinated by the synergy created when they meet. Annemie also has weakness for history and technology and is often reading about both subjects as she enjoys short sailing trips in the Netherlands.

Bert Uyttenbroeck Founder / Director

Bert’s our esteemed GM and resident raconteur. He’s travelled far and wide, but as you may expect, is not your average tourist. From crossing the Andes from Atacama to Bolivia, ending in Uyuni, to enjoying the natural wonder of Lencois Marenhenses in Brazil, Bert loves discovering the hidden, the little known and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Art, culture, theatre, architecture and music are all interests of this passionate home cook for whom only the best of best will do.

FAVORITE TRAVEL BOOK: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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