Ghent from the Sky

Do you remember ‘Ghent in Motion’? In this film project in 2013, the city brand ‘Ghentian’ pioneered  in capturing Ghent from the air, using drones. Today, five years later, both the city and the audio-visual techniques have evolved to such an extent that a sequel was required. Just like 'Ghent in Motion', 'Ghent from the Sky' again pushes the boundaries to an upper level. Better cameras and lenses allowed us to make breathtaking, sharp and even more profound images of the beautiful city of Ghent.

In the summer of 2017, many cameras flew over the city for twenty days. In the devoted and seamlessly edited result, the medieval city centre and the Ghentian architecture play the leading role. With this film, a digital postcard in the year 2018, which is part of the documentary 'Ghentian', you are invited to enjoy the beautiful city in all its glory.

Belgium, Ghent,