The Belgian ceramist, industrial designer and artist Pieter Stockmans is fascinated by the medium of porcelain.

In his studio located on the spectacular C-Mine mine site in Genk, he creates handcrafted crockery that is brought to the table as a gift and is passed on for generations. Over the years, he developed this exceptional blue to combine with the pure white to create the so called : STOCKMANS BLUE. Stockmans focuses on limited, unique collections and highly regarded by leading international chefs including Alain Ducasse and Lanshu Chen. 

All thier objects are manufactured in Pieter Stockmans' studio and it takes a lot of time & patience. Each operation of the process has to be carried out with the greatest care. Come with us for a behind the scene visit of one of the few craft-based companies that mastered the production of porcelain down to the finest detail.

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