An island in the north of the Netherlands

In the northernmost point of the Netherlands, you can find the Wadden Islands.

You really do not have to go that far to enjoy unspoiled nature, fresh seafood and adventure. You can find all of this on one of the most beautiful Wadden Islands "Schiermonnikoog".

Nature in Schiermonnikoog is so special that the island was first designated as National Park in the Netherlands. Until now you can still enjoy the untouched nature.

From the port of Lauwersoog, you can take the ferry to Schiermonnikoog. For adventurous people there is the possibility to sail with a sailing ship. If you are lucky, there is even the chance to meet wild seals. Upon arrival, you can hike on the mudflats during the low tide. During this special walk, you can get acquainted with the local marine fauna.

Those who want to enjoy more activities can also play blokart on the beach, surf canoeing, kite flying, archery, beach volleyball, cycling, ...

There are many activities to enjoy for all ages.

After a full day of activities, you can calmly enjoy delicious fresh seafood and local drinks, while watching the sunset that creates a red, orange colored sky.

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